Fishbone Bass Testimonials:

"John and Thom from Fishbone Bass Guitars were a blast to work with and definitely exceeded all of my expectations after choosing them for my high-end bass guitar. Standard features like the thin, comfortable neck design make the bass super easy to play while their patented bridge system helps to enhance the overall tone of the guitar. Other features like dual truss rods make the basses super reliable for heavy or traveling players. Nothing is left out at the core of the design philosophy at Fishbone.

I really wanted a visually unique bass with a lot of variations in wood coloring. They helped me pick the correct woods to accomplish what I wanted for design while keeping tone quality in mind. Everyone who sees my Fishbone Bass is in awe and once they hear it, they are blown away again!

I would highly recommend talking with the guys at Fishbone if you are looking for a top-notch bass guitar with excellent design, super high quality components and great sounding electronics."

-Jeff Tochtrop