Fishbone Bass Testimonials:

"I played an old '73 Rickenbacker 4001 exclusively for about 20 years. I had been thinking of getting into a 5- or 6-string bass for some time, but could never find anything I really liked. Working in the music industry afforded me opportunities to try many different instruments at NAMM Shows. Some were quite nice, but none of them really "grabbed" me.

Several friends and coworkers had been suggesting I talk to the guys at Fishbone right here in the St. Louis area. I spoke with John and Thom on several occasions in 2001 and early 2002, but never really committed to anything. One day, John called and told me he had a 6-string sitting in his office, and asked me to come by and try it. I did. From the moment I picked it up until I put it back on the stand 45 minutes later, I realized this was the instrument I had been seeking. It practically played itself in my hands. From the feel of the neck to the obviously superior craftsmanship, everything just felt right. I was sold.

The design process was absolutely painless as well. They had three basic designs from which they worked. I chose the 6-string Fire model, as it seemed to approach that "cresting-wave" look that had become so familiar with my Ric. We talked extensively about the woods. Their knowledge in this area was impressive. I settled on walnut and wenge to get a bright sound and dark look. We also discussed at length the options for the custom-made electronics. They were completely accommodating with everything I wanted, including my kill switch. During the building process, they kept me informed at almost every step.

When the delivery day arrived, it turned out to be everything for which I had hoped...and more. Making the transition up to a 6-string bass was a big jump for me, and frankly a little intimidating at first. The Fishbone made it easy, though. Again, it just felt "right."

Besides time and effort, my Fishbone Bass Guitar is the best musical investment I've ever made."

-Paul J. Smith